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Boob Cup (Seconds)

Maddie Deere Ceramics

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Boob Cup (Seconds)
Boob Cup (Seconds)

These boob cups have different flaws, the pricing reflects the kind of flaw each one has, which is as follows:

White 8oz
The glaze is a bit patchy on these mugs, so there are a few spots that feel a little bit rough where the glaze is thin. One of the mugs also has a very tiny crack where the boob is attached to the mug. 

This won't affect the function of the mug.

Brown 12oz
The glaze came out patchy on these mugs, it's slightly opaque in some parts which gives it a whitish tinge, and there are some patches where the glaze is a little thinner, especially on the back. This won't affect the function of the mug.


Approximate Dimensions
8oz size ~ Diameter 8.5cm, Height 9cm
12oz size ~ Diameter 9, Height 10.5cm

By purchasing this mug you are accepting that it is a seconds piece, and that it may not be returned due to any flaws present in the mug.

If you require further photographs or information about the product, please don't hesitate to get in touch by email at maddiedeereceramics@gmail.com.

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