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Tiny Bowls (Seconds)

Maddie Deere Ceramics

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Tiny Bowls (Seconds)
Tiny Bowls (Seconds)
Tiny Bowls (Seconds)
Tiny Bowls (Seconds)
Tiny Bowls (Seconds)
Tiny Bowls (Seconds)


Most of these are test pieces that I was trying a new clay and glaze combinations with. I have numbered the images for easy buying.

1. Black clay with clear glaze - 7cm Diameter, 6cm height.

2. Chocolate brown clay with clear glaze - 7cm diameter, 5cm height

3. Black clay with white glaze and yellow glaze layered over the white - 8cm diameter, 5cm height

4. Black clay w turquoise glaze inside only - 6.5cm D 4cm H

5. Black clay w turquoise glaze spilling over lip - 6cm D 3.5cm H

6. Marbled white and brown clay with white glaze inside - 6cm D 3.5cm H

Microwave and dishwasher safe. 

Approximate Dimensions
Diameter 8cm, Height 9cm

By purchasing this piece you are accepting that it is a seconds piece, and that it may not be returned due to any flaws present in the mug.

If you require further photographs or information about the product, please don't hesitate to get in touch by email at

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