Serving Bowl

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Serving Bowl
Serving Bowl
Serving Bowl

Hand made serving bowls are a great way to make a feature of your dish on the table. A winner when you're bringing a salad to a bbq, impressing friends at a dinner party, or simply enjoying a meal at home with your family or your cat. 
They also make great gifts for engagements, weddings or special birthdays. 

These versatile bowls are thrown on the wheel in stoneware clay. 

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Rainbow Serving Bowl
White stoneware clay.
Dimensions: 25 cm diameter, 11cm high.
This bowl is glazed with overlapping colours in a rainbow order which change all the way around the bowl. The inside is glazed white, and has a few flecks of the outside glaze colours sprinkled throughout.

Shallow White Serving Bowl
Bennetts brown stoneware clay
Dimensions: 28cm diameter, 7cm high

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