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Boob Vase

Maddie Deere Ceramics

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Boob Vase
Boob Vase
Boob Vase
Boob Vase

This posey sized vase comes in a couple of different womanly shapes, and they're just too cute! The small sizes are great for small bunches of flowers or to keep your toothbrush in.

The Large Pear Shaped boob vase can accommodate more girthy bunches of flowers, and has a stable, bottom heavy shape.

Thrown on the wheel from white stoneware with boobs attached at the leather hard stage.

Each vase is unique and yours may differ slightly from the one in the photograph. 

Approximate Dimensions
Small Pear Shaped - Height 8cm, Diameter at widest point 8cm

Large Pear Shaped - Height 16cm, 

Diameter at widest point 13.5cm 

Straight Sided - Height 12cm, Diameter 6.5cm

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