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Fuckety Fuckety Fuck Mug

Maddie Deere Ceramics

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Fuckety Fuckety Fuck Mug
Fuckety Fuckety Fuck Mug
Fuckety Fuckety Fuck Mug

The world is going to shit. This mug makes a strong statement about the state of affairs, and will hopefully make you smile, despite the fact that everything's fucked. Available in a variety of colours to brighten up you day, no matter what kind of shit storm is coming towards us next. 

The Fuckety Fuckety Fuck mug makes a great gift, and an even better present to yourself. 

Each mug is stamped by hand and may differ slightly from the photograph.

This product is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Approximate Dimensions
White speckle
Diameter 9cm, Height 8.5cm

Diameter 8.5cm, Height 10cm

Diameter 9cm, Height 9cm

Blue speckle
Diameter 9cm, Height 8.5cm

Holds approx 8oz liquid.

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