While Maddie is on maternity leave orders will be packed once a week on Saturdays and posted on Mondays.


Abortion Access Fundraiser Xmas Decorations

Maddie Deere Ceramics

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Abortion Access Fundraiser Xmas Decorations

Limited edition Christmas ornaments to support better access to abortion! 

Abortion is healthcare, and all people who need abortions should be able to access them. Even though abortion has been decriminalised in SA (finally!!) access can still be an issue.   

Proceeds from the ornaments will be donated saaac ~ the South Austalian Abortion Coalition to support their work for better access to abotion and to support people who need access to abortions.  Find out more about saaac here: https://saabortionactioncoalition.com/

Get your "mind your own uterus babe" or "abortion is healthcare" ornament today. 
$22.25 from each sale will be donated to SAAAC (the other $2.75 is GST)

Thanks so much to Leonora, Elle and Ruby for volunteering their time to put these together.
Some of the decorations have little cracks around the string hole. We have chosen to sell these regardless as all the money after tax is going to help people who need financial support in relation to their abortion. Usually a lot of testing happens before products reach their final iteration, but in this case we wanted to get them through before Christmas. 

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